Frank Chickens Discography

NinjaJetSetWe Are Ninja (re-release)


BMG/Jet Set (Japan)

Limited edition of the cult single, re-leased in vinyl, from Jet Set, Japanese label specialised in vinyls. B side is Cheeba Cheeba Chimpira. Very cool.


We are Ninja

Cheeba Cheeba Chimpira

We Are Ninja Remixes

We Are Ninja Remixes

Ninja Tune

12″ remix collection of WE ARE NINJA (Frank Chickens first single from 1983), released by Ninja Tune label in 2000. New millennium mix by Yasuharu Konishi of Pizzicato 5, Neotropic, Fink and Unknown Son.

We are Ninja (Neotropic Chicken Feed mix)
We are Ninja (Yasuharu Konishi Mix)
We are Ninja (accapella)
We are Ninja (Fink Ninjamix)
We are Ninja (Unknown Son Mutant Ninja Chicken mix)
We are Ninja (Neotropic no.2 mix)

AnnabellaAnnabella/Different (the remix collection)

12 inch: Eggy Pop (Eggy 001)

Remixes of the tracks from Yukasita LP, by Grant Showbiz from Moodswings and Simon Soda and Nick E Cohen (Soda/Massive Attack)

Don’t Mend Your Heart
Just Get High
Different (vocal edit)
Different (“Saucy” Dub)
Annabella (vocal edit)

Yukasita - Underfloor WorldYukasita – Underfloor World

CD: Toys Factory 1994 (Japan)/Creativeman Discs 1996 (UK/Europe)

LP with many Frank Chickens‘ friends.

One Step
Madman in Manchester
Time is a Passerby (in Tokyo)
Johnny Reggae
Miniature Whale
Ring Road
Yukasita – Underfloor World
Welcome to the Space

Pretty Frank ChickensPretty Frank Chickens

LP made with Clive Bell and Dean Broderick.

Yummy Yummy Yummy
Robot Love
My Resistance is Low
Sayonara Rockefeller
Living in Tottenham
Werewolf Woman
Total Recall
Mister Limbo
Surfin’ Albania

The 90 DaysThe 90 Days – The Original Soundtrack

CD: Virgin Japan (VJCA-00012)

Frank Chickens contribute three tracks to soundtrack of the sitcom, 90 Days Tottenham Pub. includes For Tonite and live favourite Gochamaze. Also on album are tracks by Clive Bell, Fishmans, Simon Fisher Turner and Reefer Madness.

Do The KaraokeDo The Karaoke/Jackie Chan

7 inch: Flying Lecords (Syzzle 2)

Theme song of the TV series Kazuko’s Karaoke Klub, which was broadcast on Channel 4 in 1989. It starts with this chorus “OK, OK, do the Karaoke” in the style of Japanese pop song.

Club Monkey: 1989Club Monkey

LP: Flying Lecords (STIR 2X)
CD: Resurgence (RES137)

Remix of the previous LP, with added track Do The Karaoke from Kazuko’s Karaoke Klub TV show.

Club Monkey: 1988Club Monkey

LP/CD: Flying Lecords (STIRD 2)

This has songs from our musical Club Monkey which we put on in 1988 with the money from Greater London Arts. The songs about eating dogs, Kyonshies (Chinese Zombies), etc, hugely influenced by Hong Kong films.

Club Monkey
Waiting for a Dog
Burn That Body
Night Drain
Feed Me
Jackie Chan
Shaken by God’s Hand

Hey Dead

Best Of Frank ChickensThe Best of Frank Chickens

CD: Kaz Records (KAZ CD2)

This is the record which Kaz Records made without our knowledge! It includes all the songs from our first LP We Are Frank Chickens and five songs left out from that LP.

Cheeba Cheeba Chimpira
Green Banana
Madame Fatal
We Are Ninja
Yellow Detective
Shellfish Bamboo
We Are Frank Chickens
Sake Ballad
Fujiyama Mama

Yellow ToastYellow Toast

12 inch: Flying Lecords (Syzzle 112)

Includes the tune from Chindon Ya, who are Japanese traditional street advertisers.

Yellow Toast
One Million Hamburgers

Get ChickenizedGet Chickenized

LP/CD: Flying Lecords (STIRD 1)

plus extra tracks on CD: One Million Hamburgers / Monster / The Dark / House of Ninja

The second collaboration with Steve Beresford and David Toop. It includes the songs about British Historical Lesbians couple Two Little Ladies and speed biker group’s queen DJ.

We Say You Say
Sacred Marriage
Street Angels, Tokyo
Two Little Ladies
Solid Life
Japanese Girl
Island Inside Island

Blue Canary: 1985Blue Canary

7 inch/12 inch: Kaz Records (KAZ 20/KAZ 20T)

12 inch includes 3 songs not included in We Are Frank Chickens LP. The oldies come from the cassett tapes sold in Thailand.

Blue Canary
China Night
Japanese Rhumba
We Are Frank Chickens (remix)

Blue Canary: 1984Blue Canary

7 inch: Kaz Records (KAZ 20)

Hit song by Izumi Yukimura, original must come from American pop song. Izumi sang very slow in a well-brought-up fashion, but we sing cheerfully, quickly and cheaply. DJ John Peel praised this as No. 1 song in the history.

We Are Frank ChickensWe Are Frank Chickens

LP: Kaz Records (KAZ RPS-8282)

The first LP. The collaboration with Steve Beresford and David Toop. Assembly of Japanese glorious children’s culture: Mothra, Godzilla, Ninja, etc.

Cheeba Cheeba Chimpira
Green Banana
Madame Fatal
We Are Ninja
Yellow Detective
Shellfish Bamboo
We Are Frank Chickens
Sake Ballad

Ninja Not GeishaWe Are Ninja (not geisha)

7 inch/12 inch: Kaz Records (KAZ RPS-1011)

Remix of the previous record.

We Are Ninja (re-cut version)
Fujiyama Mama
Shellfish Bamboo

We Are NinjaWe Are Ninja/Fujiyama Mama

12 inch: Kaz Records (Kaz 10T)

Double A side: We Are Ninja is the song written after reading Koga Ninpoo Choo (Koga Ninja manual) by Fuutaroo Yamada. No melody, and talking, so we call it rap. It went into British Top 10 indie hit chart – the first celebratory Japanese work.

Fujiyama Mama: Hit by Wanda Jackson. The morality of this song is a bit suspicious, as it mocks Atomic bomb, but the fact that one Japanese woman fighting against Americans is great.