Frank Chickens Press

“one of the most distinctive performance groups on the London scene” – Peter Curran, GLR (Greater London Radio)

“great CD’s from Planet Japan…the appealingly Frank Chickens” – Robert Wyatt

“A night of zany entertainment, an audiovisual extravaganza” – Northern Star

“the excellent Frank Chickens…witty and irreverent Japanese popsters” – Time Out

“wildly surreal…an unforgettable experience” – South Wales Echo

“their show mixes music, cabaret, dance routines, bizarre costume changes, slides, and much more, in totally unique and thoroughly entertaining way. – Andrew Buchanan, Southampton Arts Centre Director

“purveying their unique pop performance sensibilities to international acclaim” – Harringey Advertiser

“fizzy, plastic pop”- The Wire

“challenging stereotypes, blending pop with Japanese sensibility” – Victory Review, Australia

“Highly entertaining, great costume and dances, and also very witty. The best thing to say is, it is not just a gig, but a show.” – Venue Manager, The Spits, London

“She’s right aff her heid” – Glasgow Evening Times