Workshops, Participation and Mentoring

Kazuko is an experienced workshop leader and teacher.  She is interested in engaging with professional, emerging, student and amateur artists alike.


Kazuko regularly leads participatory projects for school age, undergraduate and postgraduate students and emerging artists.  Recent activities have included collaborating with teenagers to create One Night Only, a site-specific performance in North East London, created in collaboration with Jacksons Lane; collaborating with emerging artists on a site specific performance at Live Theatre, Gateshead in collaboration with the Empty Space Newcastle, leading multiple performance projects for Battersea Arts Centres Young Peoples Theatre.

Workshop Activities

Kazuko also creates bespoke workshops for student groups and emerging artists including workshops for MA students at Roehampton, Leeds and Middlesex Universities.  To accompany the creation and presentation of her work on tour, Kazuko offers a series of tailor made performance workshops, which can range from half day to full week long residencies.

Creative Collaboration

Kazuko regularly collaborates with community and education groups in the development of her site specific and out door promenade performances.  This has included working with groups of primary school children to create her first production for children The Great Escape, A Borrowers Tale; collaborating with community performers to develop, create and present Oh Doh, an outdoor site specific promenade performance along London’s Kings Road and Worlds End housing estate in Chelsea.One Night Only ; collaboration with the students in a local secondary school to create the show based on local history.


Kazuko regularly mentors emerging artists at an early stage in the development of their practice.

If you are interested in opportunities for collaboration, workshop or participatory activities or receiving mentoring from Kazuko, please contact